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Fic: Wind Won't Blow (Masterpost)

Rating: PG-13
Word Count: tbd
Characters/Pairing: eventual Sam/Dean; John, Mary, Jess, Bobby, Ellen, Ash, Jo, Madison, Andy.
Summary: When tragedy strikes Sam Winchester's life, his notoriously unreliable brother Dean is the last person he expects to help him get through it. And yet, here he is, acting like Sam is his responsibility or something. 
Warnings: Character death (not Sam or Dean), attempted suicide. 
Notes: This story is an AU set in the alternate reality from WiaWSNB. Dean and Sam are somewhat estranged; Mary is still alive; there has never been any hunting. That, however, is where it veers off. There will still be other characters they wouldn’t have known but through hunting, such as Jo, Ellen, Bobby, Ash, possibly Cas, etc. It’s really going to have very little to do with canon, but WHATEVS. Beta'd by the lovely writewanderlust. Title from the lyrics of Zep's What is and What Should Never Be.
Chapter One          Chapter Two          Chapter Three
Tags: fandom: supernatural, fic: masterpost, genre: angst, genre: au, series: wind won't blow
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